User Settings (Android)

Last Update Date:2023/10/24
Supported App Versions:6.10 and above

* The image on the page may differ from the actual app screen.

User Settings

User information can be configured on the User Settings screen.

  1. User name input field
  2. Update the user name.
  3. Open the subscription purchase screen
  4. Delete a user.

Enter a new user name in ① and tap the “Update” button in ② to update the user name to the new name.
The user name will be displayed when sharing location information, etc.

Tap the “Delete User” button in ④ to delete the currently signed-in user.
See “Delete User” for details.

Deleting Users

You can delete a user.
Deleting a user will delete all data associated with the user.

Data to be deleted

  • User account information (will not be able to sign in)
  • All data in the user’s personal folder
  • All data of the group of which the user is the owner
  • All data for user-created location-shared rooms

*If you are under a subscription agreement, payments will continue even if you delete your user unless you cancel your subscription at the App Store or Google Play.